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SaaS Software as a service

SaaS Software as a service is an innovative software solution for the software users in future. We as ISV (independent software vendor) follow best practice guidelines and approach for this innovative SaaS Solution.  We concentrate on reduction of software development time, time, and cost and at the same time improve on quality of the software. We speed up the process to improve customer acceptance and satisfaction. SaaS market is still infant now, but is growing much faster than traditional software market.

Exponential cost to run any IT infrastructure is a history. SaaS is a robust alternative to such an infrastructure. SaaS systems have remained to be plug-in type and subscription based. SaaS has flourished since recent years because it offers great benefits to business of all types. Below are the things which are driving customers to make a SaaS enabled organization and take advantage of the same.

  1. High Adoption :- SaaS applications are highly portable applications. It provides anywhere access. It is really convenient form of access, to visualize anywhere the performance of business and to leverage on the high available access anytime.
  2. Lower Cost :- SaaS is highly subscription based. It operates on monthly overhead. This benefit is available for the customers, and the customers are easily able to analyze the performance of the solution online, and they enter into pay as you go model. This completely eliminates the risk in investing large share of funds in softwares and hardware, which is the groundwork required to run any software.
  3. Painless Upgrades :- When it comes to upgrades, it is the most pathetic situation for desktop softwares. The burden and risk of both the vendor and customer increase a lot into upgrading. Most of the software are not that easily upgraded with minimal groundwork. They most of the times demand changes in database which is most risky venture. Location is also a constraint for upgrades and affects cost in a major way. SaaS is a centralized management system which provides painless upgrades to all the customers in one go, providing seamless upgrades and benefit is passed on to all the customers in a single click.
  4. Seamless Integration :- SaaS vendors are in a much better position to satisfy customer needs of customization. It offers varied capabilities to the vendor to integrate the same. There are many third-party tools, API’s which allow seamless integration to the current system.
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