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Indian SaaS company introduces hybrid SaaS Model

Welcome on Board !

We are proud to announce the inauguration of operations of  SaaSAsia.Biz which is a SaaS company in Pune, India,  providing software as a service to the customers worldwide. Initially to start with we are launching School Management Software, Hotel Management Software, Hospital Management Software, MSA (Measurement System Analysis) Software, Order Processing Software as SaaS products under cloud computing environment.

If we consider traditional software model, there are lots of problems which small and medium businesses face with reference to cost of Hardware, Software, Maintenance, Data Security, Delay in starting operations etc which hamper the business profitability in a big way. Enterprises struggle hard to maintain their systems and they concentrate most of their efforts into running and maintaining software systems rather than running their own business strategies to enhance their businesses. SaaS is a solution for such business enterprises, In SaaS model the software is pre-hosted over our servers in a ready to use fashion, we as service provider enable their operations instantly by providing login id to the enterprises. Our customers can log in directly and start operations. Typically SaaS is a pay as you go model within which our customers pay us monthly rent for using our services. Under Software as a service model business enterprises can largely concentrate on their business strategies rather than looking after the systems. As a SaaS Service Provider we take care of  all the computing needs of the enterprise over our servers including database security, database maintenance, database tuning. The business enterprises also get upgrades on the fly. The business enterprise can try our solution for a particular period as they deem fit, they can even refine the solution to fit to their own needs in a better way. In this way business enterprises can really enhance the profitability and also grow their businesses in better way.

Our products can be used in hybrid model of Desktop and Web Based Cloud environments. More Details of the products are available over our website SaaSAsia.Biz . We thank you for joining us.

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