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Effective ways to manage your school activity by using SaaS

In golden old days, school was getting managed properly because the students were limited and the school scenario as a whole was limited. Everyone was having their own conveyance and were coming from nearby places to attend school. Parents were finding time to visit school and see the progress of their kids and have long hour discussion with teachers and take corrective actions, problems with students were also not so serious then. So there was absolutely nothing to manage as such, just intimate the fees orally and it was paid ! The outstanding fees was easily calculated by the clerk !

Things have changed now, due to globalization, schools have grown beyond limits, the campus of the school have grown, the teachers and students have grown due to increasing population. The office staff have grown to accommodate the increased work pressure. Students are now coming from far place due to admission problems, migration and other problems. So the school scenario now is not limited to a local student, or student staying locally. The parents expectation levels have also increased, due to increased rush hour and changed way of living, parents are expecting some resources delivered by the school or privately managed vehicle to pick up their kids in a comfortable way everyday to school. Sometimes parents are also not able to give lunch to kids, so they expect some canteen to be there in school, with supply of good food. Most of the times, parents are not able to join kids in his territory, due to unavoidable circumstances, parents expect school to have some hostel accommodation also. Students problem areas have also grown, parents now cannot visit during the rush hour every now and then to the school, and know the progress, complaints, attendance about their kids, they expect something to be communicated reliably to them, over their cellphone if any untoward thing happens with their kids. Things have changed completely due to this globally changing attitude.

Is your school ready to face and accommodate such drastic change, or are you missing on something very important  ?

When it comes to managing a school in a better way,  previously everyone looked at a computer, and they expect the computer to do the rest. Up till last decade or so, the schools were able to manage it in a better way, by taking help of desktop computer. But there were other factors also, which were affecting the schools and increasing the expenses in a major way, like Software Cost, Hardware Cost, Operating system cost, Annual Maintenance cost, software per seat licensing. The schools also required to frame an IT department and employees in that department to maintain the software and hardware aspects of their department, the expenses grew in a compounded way, which definitely reduced the margins to run the school. In spite of doing so many things and spending so much on it, the problems of viruses also wiped the data often, which did not guarantee the school a reliable data, which was always available.

But things have changed still. Schools expectations have also grown drastically. They need some system by which the computer will have communication with parents, teachers etc. The School wants to use the power of real computing now. But resources is a major hatchback. The school needs to have sophisticated equipments like a costly web server, good client side computers, good software, people to run the software, people to look after the software, the database and the database security. Schools also analyze how communicative the computer is, or is it just a dumb machine working like a workaholic.

It is communication that matters, is your school computer ready to communicate with parents, parents with teachers, school with parent ? Accessible from anywhere ?.  Here comes the SaaS Technology, Welcome to the SaaS Platform ! What is SaaS after all ? It is Software as a Service !  It is like using a software which is already hosted on the servers of your application vendor. it is ready to input your school data, it will communicate in a reliable way, you can see the performance of all your schools and branches from your home !  Your teachers can give marks to their students from home ! And of course, you can communicate anything you wish for your school to anyone you say either by sms or by email, and that too instantly. So what is the point in maintaining all these costly servers and spending in a compounded way, if schools are getting all these facilities without maintaining any software or hardware. Schools save on Software cost, hardware cost , software annual maintenance cost, per seat licensing, and yes, I forgot to mention, it is just for a monthly rent which you have to pay to use the vendor system over his server. Sounds promising, isn’t it ?

We at SaaSAsia.biz provide School Management Software for multiple branches of schools, no per seat licensing, no special hardware to be purchased (your good old PC’s will also work), No software’s to be loaded in your school, No servers to be maintained by your school, No IT department in your school (through our one window access),  you can have any number of users to work over it, there is no per seat licensing ! you need only internet browser, yourself, students, teachers, parents can access your system from anywhere in the world (with user rights). They will see the data of only what they should see . You also get all upgrades at a click of a mouse ! That’s great !

I hope you liked it ! Visit us here for more details on School Management Software as a service.

Do contact us if you have any queries.

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